Things I'm Awesome At: SL Version

I was just watching Jenna Marbles on Youtube, and decided to use one of her topics for todays post! This post is going to be about things I'm good at in Secondlife, or when I'm online! Here is my list and this is in no specific order:

1. Creating things ~ This is something I'm kinda good/bad at. I go through phases. I have fun creating things when I do, but I don't always have motivation to sit down and think of something to make! 

2. Being anti social ~ Generally if I'm not with my parents or playing roller derby, I tend to just stand around blog, work on graphic art, etc. This is probably something I need to work on and get out more - Some day! 

3. Being there for someone ~ If someone needs to vent or is going through a hard time, I like to be there for them. Not necessarily for advice, but being there to listen to the person. 

4. Plurking ~ If I'm online in general, Plurk has to be open. If it gets closed on accident, I open it back up right away again.

5. Crashing A lot ~ If I'm in certain areas at some places, I tend to crash a lot if I move around too much.  

Here is the video inspiration for my post today: 


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