Berry Dreams

Hey everyone! Right now, there's a fun event going on called The Berry Festival. The event is run by Bit McMillan and is located on her sim. Upon arriving there, there's a little area that has the basket you will need to collect the berries with and a display of all the different kinds of berries there are. Once you have your basket, go around to the bushes and trees and collect as many berries as you can. Hurry though, the event ends on the 15th!

After a long day, it was nice to go upstairs and lay in my bed. It didn't take long until I dozed off though.

Pajamas: Berry Cute Jammy's - Blueberry ~ Babydolls Boutique
Hair: Princess - Browns Pack ~ Wasabi Pills
Closed Eyes: Closed Eyes - REM - Deep Sleep Attachment ~ Animation & Design By Dai

That's it for today, thanks for reading! :D


Lizzie Gudkov said...

Enjoyed your post! I feel like some berries now! :)

Serenity Munro said...

Aww thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

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