Her Night Out

 Tonight I decided to go out! So I dressed up and went to The Grove Country Club Estates. The estates are made up of several sims and is beautifully landscaped.

 For tonight's look I decided to use red as an inspiration! I don't normally wear red - other than the hair of course, but tonight it felt like the right night for it. Speaking of hair, the one I'm wearing is called Chance. It's one of Ploom's newest releases! The hair is long and straight with loose waves and bangs that are swished to the side. It's a must have I'd say! :D

Hair: Chance ~ Ploom
Dress: Wren.Cotton ~ ColdLogic
Necklace: Knotted Shimmer Pearls ~ MG
Shoes: Venus Heels ~ Fri.day
Pose: Moods - 6 ~ Ploom


Floral Friday

 This evening I did a little fifty linden friday /kids/ shopping. I came across this denim jacket from Snips & Snails! The jacket also comes with the shirt underneath, but it's not attached so it could be paired with a different shirt for a little mix and matching! I then matched the rose jacket with a pair of rose shoes that are available at The Mens Department from Balkanik. Along with seven other patterns, these are exclusive to the event and they come in three different sizes (Mens, Womens & Kids) If the default sizes won't work for you, they can be resized for the perfect fit. 

Denim Jacket & Shirt: Rose Denim Jacket ~ Snips & Snails
Jeans: Dark Wash Jeans ~ Little Closet
Shoes: Vens Roses - Kids ~ Balkanik (The Mens Department)
Hair: Madison - Reds ~ Ploom
Glasses: Boston Glasses - Black ~ Sleepy Eddy
Pose: Cutesy 1 ~ Click


Spring in the Air

 Aside from Summer, Spring is a favorite season of mine! The flowers begin to bloom and the grass is green. Speaking of which, a couple weeks ago, I moved on a beautiful residential sim and one of my aunt's helped me decorate around my house. She made it beautiful and all springy. :D

 Going along with a previous post.. about trying to be more girly, Spring has really motivated me. With that said, last night I did some shopping and I finally splurged a bit and bought the Slink mid feet! I'm looking forward to all the shoe possibilities I'll have now. I also bought my first pair of heels that are sized for the Slink mid feet at Collabor88! Now I know I already said that a previous Collabor88 was my favorite, but man I think this one tops it! As always, all of the designer's are very talented in what they do and they also provide great products for us.

Hair: Ministry ~ Little Bones (Chapter Four Event)
Dress: Blooming Moment Dress - White Cardigan ~ U.F.0 (Collabor88)
Shoes: Ella Heels - Silver ~ Fri.day (Collabor88)
Pose: Behave - 6 ~ Ploom

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