I'm on a Sugar Rush

Hello Everyone!! I would first like to apologize for my absence over the past few months. I was getting settled into college life and I moved on top of that! I'm back though, so that's all that matters, right!?

Candy Fair just started on Friday. I had a feeling that event had my name all over it - not only do I love all of the bright colors, but I always have a sweet tooth as well! The event takes place on two different sims: Sugar Rush and Candywood. For more information on Candy Fair click here.

Hair: Lollipop Girl - Candy Color Pack ~ Ploom
Mouthie: Lollipop Girl - Mouth Lolli ~ Ploom (Included with hair)
Nail Polish: "Sweet" Candy-r (light) ~ Angelica
Ring: Candy Ring - Bubblegum ~ Pr!tty
Purse: Candyhart Purse - Pearl ~ Mango Cheeks
Toy: Lucky Candy Handheld - Poppy ~ Miseria 
Dress: Candy Girl - Sky ~ Junbug 

*Everything above is available at Candy Fair!*


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